Irons Brothers Construction now on Google Street View!

Irons Brothers Construction now on Google Street View!

In my last post I shared the custom virtual tour that I built for Irons Brothers Construction. Now let’s take a look at the Google Street View tour built with the same imagery.

Check out the new Google Street View Virtual Tour!
irons brothers google street view virtual tour

So now you are wondering what is the difference right? There are a few interface elements in the Google tour that might detract from the experience you want your visitor to have.

The filmstrip or carousel of images at the bottom of the screen not only shows your images, Google might show your competitor too!
The navigation arrows are sometimes difficult to use. If you don’t know the layout it is very easy to skip over important parts of the tour.
In locations where people are allowed in the tours, we have to blur their faces.

Custom 360° Virtual Tour Irons Brothers Custom Virtual Tour

Chown Hardware’s Enhanced Google Business View Tour

Chown Hardware’s Enhanced Google Business View Tour

As a Google Trusted photographer I love working with businesses to make beautiful interactive images. It’s even better when we can create a simple but elegant interface to view them in. Here we see the Chown Hardware Google Maps Business View tour enhanced with a basic menu overlay. This menu allows you to navigate right to the area of the tour you want to see. No need to use the navigation native to Google Maps.

Just click the image to open the tour in a new window!Are you ready to make a Google Street View Virtual Tour for your Showroom? Just fill out this form to tell me about your project!


Create Content to Feed Your Profiles!

You started your business because you are passionate about the service and products you provide. They are wonderful! You are wonderful! Problem is that without a great marketing plan, you are the only one who will know about your wonderfulness.

Part of that plan must be to feed and care for your online profiles. To feed your profiles you need content. Photos of you, your business, your products, help you connect with customers online.

Let me know how I can help you create content that will be valuable to your clients so that you can get back to baking your bagels, renting your cottages, and delighting your clients.

Introducing Google’s “My Business”

At last Google has made a one-stop-spot to manage your business’s online identity and increase your visibility within Google search, Google Maps, and Google+. Introducing My Business and  making it easier to find your people.

The beauty of the My Business dashboard is that you can now actively engage with your people from one place!

Google+: You can share new text, photos, links, videos, and events.
Insights: Verified businesses get insights into visibility, engagement, and audience.
Reviews: See your Google rating and manage reviews.
Google Analytics: Direct access to your Google Analytics dashboard.
Hangouts: Start or join a Hangout.