Irons Brothers Construction now on Google Street View!

Irons Brothers Construction now on Google Street View!

In my last post I shared the custom virtual tour that I built for Irons Brothers Construction. Now let’s take a look at the Google Street View tour built with the same imagery.

Check out the new Google Street View Virtual Tour!
irons brothers google street view virtual tour

So now you are wondering what is the difference right? There are a few interface elements in the Google tour that might detract from the experience you want your visitor to have.

The filmstrip or carousel of images at the bottom of the screen not only shows your images, Google might show your competitor too!
The navigation arrows are sometimes difficult to use. If you don’t know the layout it is very easy to skip over important parts of the tour.
In locations where people are allowed in the tours, we have to blur their faces.

Custom 360° Virtual Tour Irons Brothers Custom Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour | Irons Brothers Construction

Virtual Tour | Irons Brothers Construction

This month Joseph & Melissa Irons, owners of Irons Brothers Construction, hired me to rebuild a virtual tour that was not mobile-friendly and to make a Google Street View tour of their Design + Build Center in Shoreline, Washington.

Check out the new mobile-friendly HTML5 capable virtual tour! Irons Brothers Custom Virtual Tour

They use the custom virtual tour on their website (link coming soon!) and to auto-play on a big screen at trade shows.

Virtual tour features & design considerations:

  • The tour must function well on mobile devices.
  • The tour interface toggles between the Design+Build Center, and projects completed on location.
  • The Blue in the button was picked to exactly match the Irons Brothers logo.
  • The left side thumbnails make navigation clean and intuitive and the blue button at the top toggles between the two groups of images.
  • All navigation can be hidden.
  • The tour autoplays and autorotates, but both can be stopped using the controls.
  • The Design+Build imagery was also used for the Google Street View tour.
  • The Project images were produced by another photographer.

So now that you have seen the custom virtual tour you are ready to compare it to the Google Street View tour with the same imagery. Stay tuned!