We make high resolution photos and interactive 360° views of your project. We can help with final styling tweaks, but the location should still be fully prepared in advance of our arrival. While some steps may not be always be applicable or even possible, the more you can do to prepare in advance, the better the result. Remember that if you can see it, so can the camera!

Here’s a link that creates an email with a link to this information for your clients.


  1. Clear & clean kitchen counters. Remove cordless phones, wired appliances, phone chargers, etc., from walls and counters.
  2. Clear appliances of magnets and clutter.
  3. Clear & clean bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers. Clear medications and toiletries (minimal decorative soap, perfume bottles are OK). Clean shower glass. Towels should be as plain as possible and neatly folded. Remove bath mats.
  4. Replace burned out light bulbs. Try to use color matched bulbs when there is more than one lamp in a room. For example matching bedside lamps.
  5. Turn on all lights in the entire house. Don’t forget the range hood and under cabinet lights in the kitchen.
  6. Open all window treatments as evenly and symmetrically as possible; blinds at the same height and opened to the same angle.
  7. Remove unnecessary furniture & decor including religious and political artwork.
  8. Remove floor mats and runners.
  9. Turn all ceiling fans, TVs, and computer screens OFF.
  10. Turn on gas fireplaces.
  11. Make the beds as smooth as possible.
  12. Remove valuables, personal items, and any photos that you don’t want to see on the internet.
  13. Put all shoes and jackets in closets.
  14. Clear all nightstands and dressers.
  15. Remove all pet items.
  16. Pets should be secure and children should not be on location during the photo shoot.


  1. Tidy up the yard & landscaping.
  2. Clear cars from the driveway.
  3. Hide toys, garbage cans, & lawn equipment. Don’t forget to neatly stow or remove hoses.
  4. Turn on exterior lights.
  5. Turn on gas fire pits.
  6. Clean dirty windows.