Frye Art Museum Uses Google Maps Business View to Promote the #SocialMedium Exhibit

Frye Art Museum Uses Google Maps Business View to Promote the #SocialMedium Exhibit

On Monday the Frye Art Museum in Seattle launched their virtual tour of the crowd-curated #socialmedium exhibit.

The exhibit was crowd-curated by over 4000 people with votes on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. and has received attention from the Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, and most recently, the New York Times’ 36 Hours in Seattle piece.

The tour, produced by Soundview360, allows guests from around the world to view the artworks without leaving their desks!  I love that we were able to contribute to the Frye’s vision and the evolution of social media technology and the arts!

frye museum on google maps business view


Extend Social Media Reach

Extend your reach on social media when you share your tour!

I love to keep an eye on how clients use their Google Maps Business View tours. This week Pental Granite & Marble told me that the “we decided to go ahead with the Seattle tour because of the wonderful response we got from the Fife tour. We had quadruple the reach on social media from the Fife tour than our usual social media posts.”


Create Content to Feed Your Profiles!

You started your business because you are passionate about the service and products you provide. They are wonderful! You are wonderful! Problem is that without a great marketing plan, you are the only one who will know about your wonderfulness.

Part of that plan must be to feed and care for your online profiles. To feed your profiles you need content. Photos of you, your business, your products, help you connect with customers online.

Let me know how I can help you create content that will be valuable to your clients so that you can get back to baking your bagels, renting your cottages, and delighting your clients.

New Google Maps: What has Pegman Done for you Lately? [Part 2]

In Part 2 of this series on the new Google Maps you can see that Pegman has pulled some neat tricks out of his hat. [See Part 1 if you haven’t read it already] Now you can see the Google Maps Business View tours as well as the new photospheres in Google Maps Views tours.

Just click on Pegman in the bottom right corner of the window to show Blue dots for photospheres and Orange dots for Business Views (See Inside). When you click on a blue or orange dot to show the 360 degree images for the location.

Google Maps Pegman shows Street View Images

Google Maps Pegman shows Street View Images

In the photosphere/See Inside view you can click and drag to change your viewpoint, use the navigation arrows to change locations, and show or hide the images carousel at the  bottom of the window. To get back to the regular map just click Back to Map at the bottom left of the Window.

A Google Maps Views Photosphere

A Google Maps Views Photosphere

Do you want a Photosphere or See Inside tour for your location? Just connect with Katherine here at!

Seattle Chinese Garden, Knowing the Spring Courtyard

The Seattle Chinese Garden is one of my favorite places in West Seattle. Especially in the Spring! I have visited a few times in the last month and created a mini-tour that is now available on Google Maps and this web site.

The little planets shown here offer a fun perspective.  You can find a mini-tour on Google maps and as well as a fully customized tour with overlays and menu based navigation!

20140402-chinese-garden-0317_18_19_20_21-littleplanet 20140402-chinese-garden-0192_3_4_5_6-littleplanet